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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lousy, Good-for-Nothing, Two-Timers

When TV commercials aren't portraying men as pathetic wimps (see all the Progressive commercials below), they're portraying men as sex-crazed philanderers.

Three commercials are airing right now that play on the stereotype that men are relationally reckless and that no woman can trust any man. Pretty sickening that this is the message selected to sell donuts (Dunkin Donuts) to automobiles (Nissan, Cadillac).

[Sorry, as of Sep 27, 2015, these videos are not playing properly. It's not my fault.]

Oddly, in my last post on this blog, it is a woman who objectifies a man. Maybe if pretend-women didn't treat pretend-men as disposable, the men wouldn't always be on the look-out for their next mark. But this is all pretend, right?